Business Credit Program

Build Business Credit with Small Business Solutions

One of the great benefits of starting a business is that it is possible to establish a new and separate credit profile that is separate from your personal credit profile.

This means that although you may have poor personal credit, you can structure your new business in a manner that allows you to build a pristine credit profile for your company, allowing you to receive loans, credit cards, lines of credit, etc. that you would not be able to obtain as an individual (and often at better interest rates).

The Basic Process

To begin separating your personal credit profile from that of your company, the following are the first basic steps.

  1. Incorporate or Form an LLC

    You need to have a separate entity to build a separate credit profile. View our incorporation and LLC formation services.

  2. Obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

    We can prepare this form for you and/or obtain the FEIN from the IRS on your behalf when you use our incorporation or LLC Formation services.

  3. Open a Separate Business Bank Account

    Business funds and personal funds must be separate.

  4. Obtain a D-U-N-S Number

    This is a 9-digit number issued by Dun & Bradstreet that most companies utilize to verify the credit history of businesses.

  5. Compliance

    Make sure you’ve obtained all necessary business licenses, permits, etc. that are required in your jurisdiction.

  6. Business Phone Line and Yellow Pages Listing

    Make sure your business is listed in the phone directory and the phone line is in the business name, not in your personal name.

  7. Same Business Address

    Make sure the exact same business address is used for your DUNS number, the yellow pages listing and phone number as well as on business licenses and company credit cards (that you will be applying for later). Your home address is acceptable, however, private mailboxes and P.O. boxes may not be.

  8. Apply to “New Business-friendly” Creditors

    Apply to those companies that generally grant new businesses credit cards and lines of credit without requiring a personal guarantee. These companies will then update your credit profile with the various credit agencies. This is how you initially establish a business credit profile.

That’s the basic process to setting up a new credit profile.

While the above steps to building business credit may be helpful, it will take time, in most cases a year or two, to effectively build a separate business credit profile, and that’s if you do the process correctly.

SBS Business Credit Program

Build Business Credit in months not years! Our proven step-by-step business credit building system helps you:

  • Separate your business credit from your personal credit.
  • Register with all 3 national business credit reporting agencies for free.
  • Build a strong business credit score as fast as possible.
  • Optimize your existing business credit profiles and scores.
  • Make sure your business is set up to access credit properly.
  • Access vendors and business credit cards that ONLY report on business credit reports.
  • Access capital (cash & equipment) and prequalify before you apply.
  • Learn how to obtain a business bank loan which will greatly boost business credit.
  • Monitor and get alerts on your business credit building progress.
Benefits of the SBS Business Credit Program:
  • Proven: Used by over 50,000 businesses.
  • Lifetime Access: Pay once and have access forever.
  • Unlimited Support: We’re here every step of the way by phone or e-mail.
  • Technology: Automatically reports the status of your Business Credit and trade lines.